OL&B Services

By Appointment Only


Eyelash Extensions

Various curls and lengths are bonded safely to each healthy natural eyelash. This service creates a more dramatic, full and brightened lash line giving you the perfect excuse to never pick up mascara ever again! This luxurious service is customized according to each clients individual wants and desires. At Opal, we use only the highest quality synthetic mink lashes to guarantee that you receive the best, cruelty free lash service.


Brow Styling

Refresh and embolden your brow game at Opal Lash & Brow. Brow symmetry relaxes the naked eye giving the face a more polished and youthful glow. We offer brow waxing, shaping, tinting and henna to fit each clients individual needs. This service is best when booked every 4-6 weeks.


Hydrofacial infusion, dermaplaning, chemical peels & more!

At OL&B, we specialize in Glymed Plus skincare treatments, hydrofacial infusion, chemical peels, dermaplaning, teenage acne, adult acne and so much more. Investing in your skin health is essential for self care and wellness.